Rossendale Road Club

Minutes of 2019 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 26th November, 7:30pm at Marl Pits Sports Club 

Present:  Derek Schofield, Pauleen Schofield, Adrian Watts,, Julian Monk, Roy Flanagan, Kay Flanagan, Tony Bowler, Damien Ludlow, Lisa Greenwood, Mark Berry, Graham Wright, Paul Warrenenr.

Apologies: Patrick Hickey, Richie Watts, Tracey Taylor, Linda Felton.

Minutes of AGM 2018 (not presented)

Officers reports:

Chairman Paul Warrener

“ Thanks to everyone for supporting our club events. It’s good to see some new names on the trophies this year. I would like to say a big thank you to all our members, new and old, for marshalling, time keeping, organising meetings and, more important, taking part. You’re all amazing. Let’s hope the winter is kind and Xmas is peaceful and happy.

See you all at our first event in February.

Let’s keep our wheels and enthusiasm turning.”


Treasurer Adrian Watts

Profit and Loss account attached.

Adrian noted there is additional expenses of some £300 for the Lee Mill MTB event to be added. This would reduce the net surplus to approximately £107.

Adrian noted there are 23 members paid up for 2019.

There is a balance of over £8,000 in the club account.

The following items were recommended and approved:

  1. Membership subscription for 2020 remains the same as previous at £10
  2. Entry fee for club TTs remains the same as previous at £3. It was noted this covers the CTT levy charge.
  3. The first 2 rides for non-CTT affiliated riders are free. This to be advertised closer to the start of the race season, say mid April.

There was some questions on membership and media. Adrian advised membership forms and club bank account details are available on the club’s website and should be completed.

Tony will set up Facebook and WhatsApp groups which should broaden the information spread.

Post meeting note: This has been completed, together with an Instagram account by Pat Hickey.

Secretary Derek Schofield

Derek noted the Tool and Book libraries are open for business, and thanked those that have made donations. These will be made avilable at each monthly meeting or by contacting Derek direct.

Welfare Lisa Greenwood

No incidents to report

Race secretary Paul Warrener

There have been a few cancelled club events due to inclement weather and roadworks which has reduced the total income. The Whalley – Settle and Bolton by Bowland events attracted a reasonable entry.

It was agreed to run the same events through 2020. 

Election of officers

Chairman             Paul Warrener                                                                                                                       proposed Roy Flanagan   seconded Kay Flanagan

Treasurer             Adrian Watts                                                                                                                   proposed Derek Schofield  seconded Tony Bowler

Secretary             Derek Schofield                                                                                                           proposed Adrian Watts  seconded Kay Flanaga                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Welfare               Lisa Greenwood                                                                                                              proposed Derek Schofield  seconded Adrian Watts

Race Secretary   Paul Warrener                                                                                                          proposed Kay Flanagan seconded Roy Flanagan


Any other business

DS queried the status of club kit. Adrian had looked at alternative suppliers but Champion appeared to provide a reasonable quality and price and it was agreed this should remain. Adrian noted a minimum 10 major kit items must be ordered at any one time, and some additional items are in stock – jerseys and bib tights. It was agreed a new order is opened in the New Year for delivery prior to the 2020 race season.

Date of next Annual General Meeting    TBA